There are two ranked membership levels available, Black belts and Under belts, and one Honorary membership level. Black belt memberships are for anyone that has obtained a black belt in any system that can be verified by our staff with your instructor or instructors that have awarded you a black belt of any level.

Under belts are any colored belts beneath black belt that can be verified by your active instructor at the school you attend. You must be an active student in good standing in order to be acknowledged and certified by the WMARA for an under belt certificate.

Honorary members will receive all the correspondences that the ranked members will receive, and they will be able to purchase WMARA merchandise from the world’s premiere and most prestigious┬ámartial arts ranking association store.

Level Price  
Under Belt $25.00 per Year. Select
Black Belt $35.00 per Year. Select
WMARA Honorary Member $15.00 per Year. Select