The World Martial Arts Ranking Association (WMARA) was created in 1988. The original purpose, a sanctioning organization to validate, regulate and confer Black Belt ranking worldwide.

This organization is recognized by a diversified group of martial-arts greats (several since are deceased), pioneer leaders such as “Judo Gene LeBelle” considered an American treasure and legendary martial artist. Robert Trias, the 1st world organizer of Martial Arts and many, more.

This organization is one of a kind for two reasons.

1. Although many other groups can boast larger numbers of Black Belts no group can parallel the quality of Teachers and Champion Black Belt recorded in the World Martial Arts Ranking Association.

2. A historical first made possible by internet technology. Each recorded Black Belt has a permanent number by their name, biography and I.D. Photo.

Example: Skipper Mullins #0000001

“Golden Greek” Demetrius Havanas #0000008

About the Honorary Directors

History records sixteenth-century Sensei Miyamoto Musashi, without formal school or system rank credentials, made an unparalleled impact, both skill and philosophically, on the Martial Arts evolution. Also in more recent history, Gichin Funakoshi in the 1930’s imported to Japan an Okinawan method of Martial Arts. He changed and developed what is now one of the largest Martial Arts systems in the world, Shoto-Kan Karate.

What do you have in common with these Honorary Directors?

The life you have given and now are giving to the Martial Arts, history will also record. In your own time, you and your ideas have indelibly contributed, cause and effect.

History records as it wishes, sometimes factual, sometimes not. Let our existing great martial art pioneers make a statement of relationship as an example to follow.

Your obligation to the association is none. It is an honorary position that can be terminated at any time.

The World Martial Arts Ranking Association is a “roundtable”. No president or officers. You may use the association credentials with your own movement or association or not. It is an individual choice.

The basic statement you are making is simply this: I accept the tribute to my peers are paying to my rank, status and pioneer part of modern day martial art evolution. I recognized the accomplishments and rank credentials and the authority of others listed as heads of styles and systems. For all to be free and independent with the power to create forms, methods, testing requirements. To award rank and etc.