The W.M.A.R.A. acts as a registry for Martial Artist from all disciplines and lineages. Our Honorary Board of Directors are some of the Martial Arts Pioneers who have helped to mold and shape the Martial Arts of the 20th Century. Your name will be listed among these great Martial Arts and you will receive the accreditation that you deserve.

Benefits of Membership

  • Your Credentials will be listed next to Martial Arts Pioneers
  • Rank Certification available to members under Grand Masters
  • Membership to one of the most prestigious list in Martial Arts history

Additional Benefits for Certified Instructors

  • Certified Instructors can have their Black Belt Students be recognized.
  • Certified Instructors have an added value to your Black Belt Student Promotions.
  • World Martial Arts Ranking Assocation Certificate of Rank Available to Members.