Reggie Cochran


10th Degree Black Belt – Black Belt 2st Degree BJJ – Sifu Taijquan – Qigong



Dr. Reggie Cochran, DCH (Doctor of Clinical Hypnotherapy) is the project advisor / coordinator for Chuck Norris Enterprises and a business partner with Chuck & Gena Norris.

Reggie is an internationally known Consultant, Coach, Speaker, Best Selling Author & Martial Arts Champion. Reg has co-authored books with Bill Gates, Donald Trump, Brian Tracy, Dr. Wayne Dyer, Deepak Chopra, to name a few.

The latest book he coauthored “Think and Grow Rich Today hit #1 Best Seller status on Amazon the first day it was released. This earned him the coveted Quilly Award and induction into the National Academy of Best Selling Authors.

His personal clients read like an international who’s who directory filled with actors, entertainers, athletes and business professionals. Dr. Reg is an Independent Strategic Intervention Coach. Reggie received his Strategic Intervention Coach training from the prestigious Robbins-Madanes Center, founded by Tony Robbins and Cloe Madanes.

Reg is also an Independent Certified Coach, Teacher and Speaker with The John Maxwell Team. When time allows, Reg is available for Keynote speaking at corporate, youth & mentoring events.

Reggie began his martial arts training in 1974 learning Kung Fu & Taijiquan. He is now a 10th Degree Black Belt who has won many World Champion, International & National martial arts titles.  And has earned a 9th Degree Black Belt from his instructor, Mr. Chuck Norris. He is on the Board of Directors of Chuck Norris’ United Fighting Arts Federation. Dr.

Reg also earned Black Belts in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu from Richard Norton, David Dunn, Chuck Norris & Rickson Gracie. He is the Director for the UFAF BJJ system.

GM Cochran is a multi time martial arts Hall Of Fame member, Chuck Norris Man of The Year & recipient of the first Howard Jackson Memorial Award. He recently received the Joe Lewis Eternal Warrior award from World Champions Bill Wallace & Jeff Smith.