Andrew Young


5th Degree Black Belt Shizen-Na Karate, American Karate, Taekwondo 1st Degree Black Belt Hojutsu-Ryu

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Began training in Hapkido for a short time.  As an adult I began training under Grandmaster J. Pat Burleson in 2005 who in 2006 directed me to my primary lifelong teacher Grandmaster Richard M. Morris due to me being a police officer to take advantage of his trailblazing focus on police combatives.  I currently hold a 5th Degree Black Belt under Grandmaster Morris in American Karate, TKD and Shizen-Na Karate.  Grandmaster Morris introduced me to Soke Jeff Hall who is the founder of Hojutsu-Ryu which is a weaponized/firearms based martial art where I attained 1st Degree Black Belt in August 2018.  I have slowly begun my Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu path this year as time allows.  Osu.