Roger Tilmon


Sa-Dan Roger Began his training in the martial arts at 5 years old, in Hapkido under his grandfather O’DanVerlin Ray Traughber Sr. His training continued through Black Belt, but he was later forced to change disciplines temporarily after moving. During this time Roger was given the opportunity to train with other martial artist his age. They would teach each other the different concepts of their respective martial arts Judo, Taekwondo, Wrestling, kickboxing, and of course Hapkido. After about a year and a half, O’Dan Verlin Ray Traughber Sr. Moved to be with the rest of the family, and within the week began teaching Roger once more. At 19 he joined the USAF where he served for ten years. During this time he was blessed to have trained in several martial arts once more. These arts included Judo, Jiu Jitsu, Kempo (Albert Church’s lineage), Taekwondo, and Escrima.

Roger trained his fellow airmen for 9 of the 10 years he served in the USAF, through seminars, regular free classes at local Churches, and military base gyms. From 2007-2009 Roger trained under Grandmaster Jang Young Shil at Oscan AB, most of that time was sprent one on one, training 6 days a week and most classes lasted between 2-3 hours long. Before leaving Grandmaster Jang officially recognized Roger’s 4th Dan. The interesting part was that Roger wore his white belt the full two years, and although they shared a friendship, there was never any mention of Rank regognition despite the fact that the lessons were paid for. Roger hasn’t seen his Korean friend and Grandmaster since being transferred from Korea in 2009, but he often speaks of the discussions Grandmaster would have about the early Hapkido legends he trained with and under. Grandmaster Jang often spoke fondly of his “#1 Student” Master Jeff Allen. Roger believed Grandmaster viewed Master Allen as a son of sorts.   And although Roger wasn’t fully converted to the almost entirely soft style of Grandmaster Jang, the influence can be seen clearly in Roger’s System.

Upon returning to the United States he continued teaching Hapkido to his fellow airmen, and in addition started training at the Keishiedojo in Sumter SC. This is where the biggest change came to the ever developing martial arts of Sa-Dan Roger J. Tilmon. He earned his blue belt in a BJJ, Japanese Jujutsu hybrid, ultimately falling in love with the sport of Jiu Jitsu and seeing its applications in a combat situation.

In 2012 Roger transferred to the US Army and says it was one of the best decisions of his life. During that time he was certified as a level 2  modern Army Combatives instructor, while serving in Afghanistan in 2014. He still serves in the Missouri National Guard today, so that he may be free to serve in another capacity. Roger is a children’s and youth pastor, and teaches martial arts to children as an outreach program, for free. Since most Hapkido organizations charge exuberant prices for recognition, Roger began developing the Fighence Combusa System. Fighence is a neologism of the words Fight and Science, and Combusa the words combat and USA. Not to start something new but instead to be able to teach his personal development of Hapkido for free without having to keep up with pricey annual fees with multiple martial arts organizations.

In addition, Roger has studied and trained in a few before unmentioned martial arts such Krav Maga (USAF security forces), and the Dynamic Fighting Arts Kali System. His present goals after establishing a free local martial arts program include blending the movements of Kali, Jiu Jitsu, and Hapkido, in a seamless manner.

31 years Hapkido 4th Dan (Verlin Ray Traughber Sr. & Jang Young Shil.)

13 Years (collective) Taekwondo/Kempo/Kickboxing (Honorary Black Belt Taekwondo From the R.O.K. Security Forces.)

6 Years Combatives experience (level 2 MACP earned at Kandahar AB Afghanistan)

3 Years (collective) grappling arts (Blue Belt Machado JiuJitsu, & hybrid JuJutsu.)

Founder of the Fighence Combusa System (presently taught only at the KOBRA COMBUSA gym at First Baptist Church Herculaneum-Pevely

Less than a year in Filipino Martial Arts. (DFA)